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Why Connected Real Estate (CRE)?

The purpose, first and foremost, to create the Information Network is to create a collaborative, unified infrastructure aimed at cost recovery, reduced capital to build, greatly reduced operating expenses, and centralization of building management systems, resulting ultimately in lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It happens to be a great benefit that the convergence and integration of all these building systems, including HVAC control, power metering, water monitoring, lighting control, access control, IP surveillance, digital signage networks (DSN), etc. has been facilitated by the emergence of open, standards-based Internet Protocol (IP) communication standards. This, in turn, allows the Information Network to realize the powerful potential to also provide tenant services, including Voice over IP (VoIP), high speed internet, Wi-Fi, physical security, and potential future IP Television services.

As a property manager and developer, the focus should be on the buildings themselves while enjoying the benefits of potential revenue from tenant services. Some keywords that come to mind include building operations efficiency, tenant safety and convenience, collaboration between tenants in separate buildings on campus, and centralizations of systems - all of which result in more cost effective construction and building tenancy.

The foundational intention of the infrastructure is to be an asset for cost recovery by providing energy savings and operational efficiencies, as well as provide a means to deliver tenant services to generate additional revenues, all impacting the ROI.

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