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Use Technologies Available Today as an Asset to Cut Costs

Times are tough and prudence is particularly necessary in a down economy; however, there are ways to spend smart money and save. Technologies are available today to help companies do exactly what they should be doing to weather the economy and better prepare themselves for the future. It can be used to drive productivity, save operational costs of owning or occupying a building, reduce capital costs of constructing a new building, and/or provide the potential to create revenue streams for the owner or manager. The question is, "Which technologies are important and which ones would just be nice to have?" Today, the nice to haves can wait! The key is to plan ahead and build a foundation for the future possibilities of all of your technology needs AND wants. Through strategy sessions with all stakeholders within an organization, these two lists are compiled and then prioritized by analyzing ROI and risk. This entire process starts with the layer 1 connectivity, or structured cabling system. If you don't get that right, then your scalability and future expansion are in jeopardy of being obsolete before their time or not even capable of implementing the technologies available when you want. After that, look at building operations and automation. What most organizations don't realize is that millions can be saved by coordinating the technologies required for today's building ops with the folks in IT. Internet Protocol (IP) technologies are quickly becoming the de facto standard for the communication protocol of all low-voltage automation systems in a building; therefore, they use the same type of network infrastructure as the IT technologies (READ: Reduced CapEx to build and implement). If facilities and IT are aligned, where a partner consultant like iconnect Technologies ( is involved, then costs are displaced or eliminated completely in many of the traditional trades used to operate a building.

At a minimum, it's prudent to explore and discuss the possibilities.

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